About Us

Our Mission

Avian Knives is dedicated to pioneering advancements in engineering and design to create high-performance cutting tools

Our Philosophy

Avian Knives: A Cut Above
At Avian Knives, we understand the enduring appeal of knife ownership and its versatility in daily life. We believe your everyday carry knife should be both exceptionally functional and seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.
We aim to create precision-crafted cutting tools that excel in performance, ease of use, and discreet carry. Our designs prioritize unobtrusive elegance while maintaining the core functionality of a quality knife.
Each Avian knife boasts a slim, lightweight profile for comfortable everyday carry, yet remains capable of tackling a wide range of cutting tasks. We meticulously engineer our knives to complement your busy life, ensuring they are never a burden but always a reliable companion.
Avian Knives embodies the synergy of artisanal craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. Every blade undergoes meticulous hand-grinding for exceptional performance, while the frame is precision-machined for optimal functionality. We are committed to delivering uncompromising quality in every piece, making them true marvels of engineering.

Our Founder

Rit (IG: tactikaoFounder | Thailand-based Business Owner

Rit has a strong passion for the art of knife making and has been an avid collector for 10+ years. Owning knives from many of the greats, he has developed a taste for the finest the knife world has to offer. Not satisfied with simply collecting, Rit also wants to contribute to the community by creating innovative knives that offer unique value and building a legacy instead of one-and-done ideas. Rit is bringing that vision into the brand, and works closely with manufacturers each step of the way to make sure that every Avian knife meets his high standards and fills a void in the market. Rit's passion for knives and the many friendships he has forged in this community go hand in hand, and his deep understanding of what collectors and users alike enjoy seeing in a high-quality folding knife is fundamental to bringing Avian Knives to life.