How to & FAQs

How do I disassemble and reassemble my Atlas knife?

Please kindly visit the "How to: Disassemble and Reassemble Your Atlas Knife" page for a detailed video guide on how to easily disassemble and reassemble your Atlas.

How do I maintain and care for my knife?

We recommend regular cleaning of your knife using conventional methods of knife care. For rust preventative solutions, we recommend using Aegis EDCI solution on the steel parts of the knife which typically includes the blade, pins and washers. For lubrication, we recommend application of 10 weight nano oil on the detent and bearings. Please apply very minimal amounts of oil since a little is usually more than enough to lubricate the knife and over-usage of lubrication may attract more lint and other particles to the pivot area.

How do I sharpen my knife?

There are a number of sharpeners out there who are suitable for high end folding knives. For Avian knives, we recommend fixed angle sharpeners who typically yield the best results. Some of the more popular brands for fixed angle sharpeners include Wicked Edge, KME precision sharpener, Edge Pro Apex, and Lansky sharpener.

What is the shipping and returns policy?

Please kindly visit our "Shipping and Returns Policy" page to learn more about our shipping and returns policy.

What is the warranty policy?

Please kindly visit our "Warranty" page to learn more about our warranty.